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Why You Should Hire a Recruiter When Trying to Grow Your Roofing Company

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The roofing industry can learn a lot from the sports industry if they want to quickly and efficiently grow their business. Sports teams use recruiters to identify the top talent, make contact with them, and show them through visits to the workplace why that team tops all others. According to Roofers Guild, Employment in the roofing industry is expected to grow 5% over the next decade.....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

With this growth, let’s take a look at how recruiters can help your roofing business.

Recruiters Help Roofing Companies Expand with Good Quality

If you own a roofing business and want to grow quickly, then providing the best roofing technicians helps get you there. You’ll also need people who know how to sell a product. A recruiter who specializes in the roofing industry can get you there.

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Avoid Bad Hires Through Better Recruiting

Instead of placing advertisements for open positions, fill them by contracting with a recruiter who finds you the top talent. According to a 2017 Career Builder survey, 74% of businesses have made a bad hire and they each lost $14,900 on each. Although using a recruiter doesn’t guarantee that you’ll never again experience a bad fit between an employee and your roofing business, it does reduce the chances of it remarkably.

How Recruiters Help Roofers

Using a recruiter saves you time and money because you don’t keep positions open for long. That saves you advertising money and helps get the right person in the position fast. Recruiters know their niche industries, so you’ll only interview qualified candidates who already earned their certifications from GAF, TAMKO, Owens-Corning, etc. This saves you onboarding time since you won’t need to have a new hire complete these trainings.

Small business owners constantly seek ways to do more high-quality work with the budget they have. Some rely on their accountants to save money, and 62% think their CPA does all they can to reduce their tax bill. Using a recruiter can also help with this. Businesses pay far more than income taxes on their revenue. They pay payroll taxes on each employee.

When you make a bad hire, you pay into the tax system for the person you inevitably fire and for the new hire, plus you pay for all of your private onboarding twice.

Build a Reputation of Quality

The National Institute of Standards and Technology says domestic manufacturing contributes 12% of the total gross domestic product (GDP). You may choose the best of those domestic materials and adhere to the preferred procedures of your favorite manufacturer, but without a team of qualified, well-trained roofers, your business can’t grow because it can’t provide quality installations.

Hiring highly trained recruiters who provide superb customer service ensures your company grows by earning a reputation for great quality work and client respect. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, roofer employment is projected to grow 5% between 2020 to 2030. Don’t wait to grow your business with high-quality employees.

Identify Candidates With Skill Sets Beyond Your Own

A recruiter can do much more than check references for you and double-check an individual’s certifications. They can also identify the individuals that exceed your criteria and offer added-value skills like certifications in the installation of more than one roofing manufacturer and union membership in the carpenters or other building trades unions. Hiring individuals who have mastered more than one skill set enables you to grow your business using high-quality individuals.

Take a cue from the sports industry and use professional recruiters at major companies to identify the highest-quality candidates for your roofing firm. Growing your roofing company requires talented technicians, high-quality materials, certified installers, and fabulous customer service. Using a recruiter helps you fill positions with the best talent out there. Recruiters contact individuals who may not be actively seeking work, so they do more to fill your open position than listing an advertisement on Indeed.

With LinkedIn being the primary social network for business and career professionals, with more than 500 million members scattered around the globe, your recruiters will have a great place to find perfect candidates.

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