“Why women should stop calling their husbands ‘Babe’” – Prophet Tomi Arayomi

Prophet Tomi Arayomi of RIG Global challenges the use of the term “babe” for husbands in marriages.
The prophet suggests that constant use of “babe” may lead husbands to behave immaturely.
He advocates for wives to address husbands with titles like “My Lord” instead, citing Biblical precedence.....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Prophet Tomi Arayomi, the US-based lead pastor of RIG Global, has sparked a debate with his recent remarks on how married women should address their husbands.

During a sermon to his congregation, Prophet Arayomi expressed his belief that the common practice of calling husbands “babe” contributes to immature behavior among men.

The pastor argued that this term of endearment, while seemingly harmless, might be undermining the authority and maturity of husbands, leading them to act more like children.