Common Reasons why You Should Date Broke Men Or Women

A person is Broke because there’s a lack of knowledge. When the knowledge gap is closed, his fortunes can around quickly. So instead of focusing on his/her current financial state, maybe focus on checking if:....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

* There’s a hunger for knowledge

*There’s a teachable spirit

*There’s a drive to implement what is learnt

*There’s generally the quality of a good person.

Over 90%of us were once broke then knowledge came. Allow others gain the knowledge you gained. Let’s stop all this talk about don’t date Broke men or women. Let’s look deeper and find the true substance in people.

Nelson Nwamara shared how just 5years ago, he was a broke man living in one room and struggling. Today, he is called the Falcon of Real Estate and well respected all over. Just in 5 years!!!.

Imagine if his wife, Kasey Nwamara was all over social media shouting about how to avoid broke men, she would not be the queen that she is today.

Today, just five years ago, she carries a powerful vision to liberate millions of people from poverty. The single thing that changed their lives was learning how to sell real Estate.

Knowledge was all it took.

Stop mocking broke people.

Your father was a broke man. Your mother was a broke woman. They give birth to you broke. You grew up broke. Many of your relatives are still broke. Then you found knowledge and start fighting broke people. Nwanne calm down.

Take that knowledge and give back to others. That’s what you are called to do.