Why Sex Is Good For Women

As a reproductive psychiatrist and certified erotic health therapist, Dr. Cirino helps women who are struggling with emotional or mental health barriers to a healthy coupling life.....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

According to Healthline”, Research has shown that intercourse is extremely beneficial to our health. Copulation activates a variety of neurotransmitters that impact not only our brains but several other organs in our bodies. Below is why intercourse is good for women.

Lower blood pressure

Better immune system

Better heart health, possibly including lower risk for heart disease

Improved self-esteem

Decreased depression and anxiety

Increased libido

Immediate, natural pain relief

Better sleep

Increased intimacy and closeness to a sexual partner

Overall stress reduction, both physiological and emotional.

Having daily copulation is fine and beneficial for your overall health. Be it good cardiovascular health or vibrant skin, intercourse is the best way to keep yourself safe and healthy, interesting, and intimate. However, you can contact your doctor if you want to know more about this article to keep your life healthy.

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