White Wedding Not Biblical; Unnecessary’ – Controversial Pastor Abel Damina

Pastor Abel Damina, the Founder and Leader of the Power City International Church, Nigeria, has said white weddings are unnecessary and unwarranted.....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

According to him, white weddings are not biblical and do not hold any special relevance in the sight of God.

The controversial preacher, famously known for teaching against and calling out some pastors over tithing, explained that a white wedding is a mere celebration after marriage, and that marriage happens immediately when the parents of the couple agree to their union.

Pastor Damina explained, “A wedding is just & celebration after marriage. The real marriage has happened before the wedding because the real marriage is parents giving their children to one another. That is marriage; it is cultural. So, all that wedding is unnecessary. A white wedding is not biblical. It is not in the Bible. It is the white man’s culture.”

He added that, biblically, marriage is strictly the parents handing over their children when family requirements are met.

“In the Bible, marriage is parents handing over their kids when the requirements of the families are met. Once that happens, marriage has occurred. And of course, out of reverence for God, you invite a pastor to pray and bless your union,” he said.

Touching on the cost of wedding ceremonies in recent times, he described young people who spend exorbitantly on weddings as unwise.

He said, “As a young person who just began the journey of life, it is not wise for you to spend two million on your wedding when the same amount can be used to start a business venture.”