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7 Advantages of Stock Video

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Why aren’t you using stock videos for your ads, social media content, and more?....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Seriously, you need all the help you can get to keep up with the insane demand for video content these days.

That demand hasn’t just resulted in endless headaches for content creators. It’s also created a boom in the stock video industry.

And that’s good for you. It means more videos at higher quality and lower prices. For example, did you know you can get 4K stock videos?

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Even the biggest brands, such as Android, use stock video to make cheaper, more engaging ads.

Here are a few reasons why you should too.

1. Stock video is fast

Stock video allows you to produce high-quality content at scale. As video content becomes increasingly important across social platforms, speed can make the difference between success and a total waste of your time.

Social media platforms recommend that businesses post 1-2 times per day. Remember, that’s 1-2 times per day, per platform.

If you’re engaging on five platforms (basically the minimum), you should be producing 35-70 videos per week. It’s impossible to create that much original content unless you have a massive budget. But with stock video, you can create engaging videos, re-cut and repurpose them, and repost them across platforms.

2. Stock video is affordable

You can buy a year’s worth of stock video for the cost of hiring a video production crew for a week. It’s the best way to produce lots of dynamic content on a budget.

There are also plenty of free stock video resources, which can help you supplement your high-quality videos and save even more cash.

3. Stock video is reusable

Stock video is the gift that keeps on giving. Every time you purchase a clip, you can add it to your library and reuse it anytime you want.

Sure, buying stock video requires a bit of money upfront. But once you have a library of clips to dip into, every video will cost less to produce, and the ROI from your stock videos will continue to accrue.

Remember to consider each video purchase an investment. Take the time to catalog your stock resources so you can easily find and reuse them later.

4. Stock video is diverse

There are thousands of new videos added to stock libraries every day. Literally, anything you can imagine exists as a stock video.

So, if you think stock video is all generic, cringe content, you’re wrong.

From cute cats to cityscapes to explosions to emotionally charged embraces, there’s a stock video to fit the theme of your content and your brand’s persona.

5. Stock video is high-quality

Stock video today isn’t the grainy, hokey content you know from corporate training videos. It’s made by audio and video experts. Many professional filmmakers and musicians make stock media on the side to earn a few extra bucks. With a click, you can gain instant access to media that most film crews don’t have the expertise to shoot.

And, because there’s so much stock video to choose from, your video content will be unique.

Depending on your budget, you can choose from simple 480p quality up to 4K.

6. Stock video is versatile

The only thing limiting the ROI potential of your stock video is you. Once it’s yours, you can cut it, overlay it, deep-fry it—whatever you need to do to keep it fresh and fit your brand.

As you grow, you can continue to use your stock video for green screen videos, background videos, and much more.

Once you amass a sizeable stock video library, you might want to consider hiring a video editor to help you recycle it in more interesting ways. The possibilities are limitless.

7. Stock video tells a story

Building a narrative is one of the best ways to engage an audience, whether you’re making a full-fledged film or a 15-second YouTube ad. Stock video can help you flesh out your world and the characters within it to create believable and impactful scenarios.

For example, if you’re making an ad for a travel pillow, you need to show more than just the product. You may want to show footage of travelers on a plane, uncomfortable economy seats, and the effects of getting decent rest in transit.

Stock video can help you tell the target’s story and hit your message home.

Do More with Stock Video

If you’re a business or a filmmaker on a budget, stock video is your best friend. It’s a library of high-quality video content that exists to make your life much easier. And, it’s incredibly affordable.

You can start producing content with stock video in minutes. Don’t risk sinking into obscurity because you can’t keep up with your audience’s demands. Start using stock video resources to make better videos faster now.

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