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My 5-ingredient recipe will make your house smell heavenly – I do it while cleaning, the leftovers are great for drains

IF air fresheners or scented candles aren’t cutting it, this DIY recipe might be the key to getting your house smelling amazing.....CONTINUE READING

One woman has shared the five-ingredient hack she uses to give her home a heavenly scent.

In her viral video, Ekua ( @_ekuabee_) showed her followers how to create her fresh-smelling concoction.

“If you want your house to smell like heaven, do this,” she told her audience.

For her first step, the TikToker partially filled a pot with water and placed it on her stove.

Ekua then sliced up a lemon and an orange and added them to the water.

She also dropped in two cinnamon sticks, a tablespoon of cloves, and “a little bit of vanilla essence.”

Ekua brought the mixture to the boil and left it sitting on her stovetop.

She advised her viewers to “let it boil through your entire house” for the best results.

The home expert told her followers that she normally does the trick while she is cleaning.

Ekua explained that ensured that her concoction was left boiling “for a longer period of time.”

It also meant that her home was left smelling as fresh and clean as it looked once she had finished her chores.

Afterward, she strained the water from the pot and poured a small amount into a glass to drink.

She saved the rest for an additional DIY cleaning hack, which she also demonstrated to her followers.

Ekua poured the remainder of the liquid down both her kitchen and bathroom sinks.

She told her audience that her home “smells like vanilla and cinnamon sticks.”

Depending on the size of your house, she said the smell can last for days.

Ekua assured her viewers that the DIY trick will mask the smell of whatever they cooked last.

Her followers shared their thoughts on the hack in the comments section.

“Potpourri, I love this to drink too!” wrote one impressed viewer.

“I really have to try this hack,” said another TikTok user.

“Girl, I am trying this, thanks,” commented a third person.

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