4 Things You Should Stop Doing That Can Damage Your Sperm

The male reproductive cell is one of the most sacrosanct components in a man’s body system. It is responsible for the reproduction of new offspring. However, the production of your male reproductive cells is a very complicated one and many studies have shown that our diet and lifestyle can play a vital role when it comes to the health of our reproductive cells.....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Most infertility issues a lot of men are suffering from today are as a result of bad habits and consuming junk diets. In this article, I will be enlightening you on four things many people are doing today that can damage their male reproductive cells. They include the following.

Using the Wrong Lube

This is one of the common mistakes many people are doing today. Personal lubricants are specialized lubricants used during intercourse purposely to reduce friction and any other obstruction. It is often applied between the male private part and the female private part. However, using these substances frequently can hinder the effectiveness of your reproductive cells, or their ability to efficiently swim towards the egg to fertilize it.

Guzzling Soda

Although eating a limited amount of sugar has its health benefits on the body because the body needs sugar to function effectively. Studies have found that excessive consumption of soda is strongly linked to infertility in both men and women. Men who consume soda regularly are at four times the risk of low semen count.

Stressing Out

Passing through a lot of stress can be very harmful to your body system as it can make you feel stressed and sick. Over the years, it has been suggested that too much stress might throw your reproductive hormones out of whack, or lead to the creation of inflammatory proteins that hurt reproductive cells.

Drinking Too Much

According to a study, consuming 25 or more drinks per week is linked to a significant decline in the quality of the male reproductive cells. This is because alcohol contains ethanol and other toxins chemicals that can affect your hormones if consumed excessively.

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