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Here are some surprising reasons why you should never throw away eggshells

There are some really great uses for eggshells, and you definitely should avoid throwing them away. People all over the world include eggs as part of their healthy diets, often having them for breakfast with bread and tea.....CONTINUE READING

But did you know that eggs are useful for more than just what’s inside them? Surprisingly, eggshells also have important nutrients that are good for your health. Even though most people dispose of the eggshells after eating the egg, dried and blended eggshells are useful and can be consumed too.

Don’t underestimate eggshells as they are of great benefit to skincare, teeth health, and more. Instead of trashing them, put them aside as there are tons of things you can do with eggshells. Here are some things to do with your eggshells:

Eggshell powder is great for teeth whitening and oral hygiene. By combining a teaspoon of eggshell powder with a pinch of baking soda and a bit of unrefined coconut oil, you create a paste that helps get rid of plaque and tartar, resulting in whiter and healthier teeth. You could also rub the eggshell powder directly on your teeth. These shells contain calcium and other minerals that strengthen the enamel, keep teeth sparkling clean and even help fight cavities.

For another method, consider brushing your teeth twice weekly using a mixture of coal powder and eggshell powder. This works too.

Dealing with skin irritations, rashes, or inflammations? Eggshell powder can help. Try soaking a teaspoon of eggshell powder in apple cider vinegar for five days, dip a cotton ball in this mixture afterwards and apply it wherever needed on the skin. Make sure to leave it on for 30 minutes before rinsing off. You should start seeing the results within a few days.

Also, applying this mixture offers relief from skin issues like eczema, ringworm, black spots and uneven skin tone. It’s a natural skincare for clearer and healthier skin.

Plants need nutrients like calcium to thrive.

Eggshells as fertilizer for plants [PlantsSparkJoy]

Calcium deficiency can lead to stunted growth in plants, twisted leaves and dark spots. If you’re a plant parent or own a small farm, you can provide calcium by adding eggshell powder to the soil while planting. You can add it directly to the soil when planting or mix it with water and then use it to water your plants.

Using eggshell powder can contribute to a glowing complexion and this is how: Create a paste by mixing a teaspoon of eggshell powder with raw honey. Apply on the face, let it dry completely and then wash it off. This makes your skin smoother and more radiant. You can also mix eggshell powder with whisked egg whites and apply it on your face. This works as both a hydrating and exfoliating treatment.

Use eggshells to get rid of stubborn stains [FabHow]

Eggshell powder isn’t just for personal care; it’s a handy cleaning assistant too. To clean those stubborn stains on pots and pans, which you can’t reach with a sponge, use eggshell powder as a scrub and abrasive. Mix it with a bit of soapy water, and you’ll find it effective at scrubbing away burns and grime. This natural cleaning solution leaves your cookware looking shiny and spotless.

Eggshells can fade stains on white clothes just like bleach. Simply add a tablespoon of eggshell powder to your laundry detergent and watch those stubborn stains disappear.

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