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10 Amazing Benefits of Charcoal and Lime for Physical and Spiritual Uses

Charcoal is not just spiritually significant; it has practical uses that can be incorporated into everyday life. Here are 30 ways you can use charcoal. The following are ten(10) amazing benefits of using charcoal:....CONTINUE READING

1. Smell control:

Charcoal can absorb bad odors. Place it in your shoes, refrigerator, or any area with a bad smell.

2. Detoxification:

Charcoal can absorb toxins, making it a great detoxifier. You can use it to purify your drinking water or even your skin.

3. Preservation:

Charcoal can help keep your vegetables fresh. Just leave your vegetables in a charcoal solution overnight.

4. Teeth whitening:

Forget about expensive teeth whitening treatments. Brush your teeth with charcoal powder for a week, and you’ll see the difference.

5. Spiritual protection:

Carry a piece of charcoal in your pocket to ward off negative energies.

6. Restoring soups:

If your soup has gone bad, just drop a piece of charcoal into it. The charcoal will extract all the bad taste and smell, restoring the soup to its fresh state.

7. Hangover cure:

If you have a hangover from a night of drinking, chew on some charcoal or drink a charcoal solution.

8. Healing wounds:

If you have a wound that has become infected, pour some charcoal powder on it. The charcoal will help extract the poison and speed up the healing process.

9. Water purification:

If you suspect your water is contaminated, drop some charcoal into it. The charcoal will absorb the contaminants, making the water safe to drink.

10. Skin care:

If you have pimples, acne, or any skin disease, apply a thick charcoal solution to your skin and leave it on for a few hours before bathing. It will leave your skin fresh and smooth.

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