You shouldn’t board a plane if you have any of these symptoms

The expert lists examples of when it’s better to change your plans and give up a trip. Some of them will surely surprise you....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Traveling by plane is fast, comfortable and increasingly accessible.

For some time now, it has no longer been a means of transport intended only for the selected few. Today, almost anyone can fly, but not everyone should.

Contraindications include common and seemingly innocent ailments. However, an expert advises to cancel or postpone the flight in such cases. It’s about your comfort and safety.

On Flying with Kasia Instagram profile, an airline employee shares her experience and interesting facts about planes. “Don’t get on the plane in these situations,” warns the stewardess.

She lists seven examples of when it’s better to change your plans and give up such a trip. Some of them will surely surprise you.

Not everyone knows that you should not fly if you have a toothache or earache. Ear inflammation is also a contraindication. A change in pressure can greatly intensify the pain. There were many stories in the comments from people who had similar experiences.

Even an “innocent” runny nose or a stuffy nose is a reason to postpone your trip. It will be even worse during the flight. And for sensitive people, the symptoms can be very troublesome and the time spent in the air will be torture for them.

Stewardess Kasia lists several other situations in which it is better not to decide to travel by plane – a clogged ear, diving, donating blood or anesthesia. Internet users also add in the comments not to fly around with a hangover.

When it comes to a runny nose or blocked ears or nose, the expert warns that in extreme cases you can even lose your hearing. In the case of a recent blood donation or procedure/surgery, the problem is that the body is weakened.

And after diving, we are at risk of decompression sickness on the plane (also called pressure sickness or caisson sickness, it is caused by the internal pressure decreasing too quickly).

There were over 400 comments under the video in which Internet users shared their experiences of failed flights as a warning. Here are some:

“I recently flew with an earache. I literally roared with pain when I landed.”

“I got on with a toothache – during the flight I thought my head would be torn off. When we got off, I spent a good few hours recovering.”

“6 hours of flight with otitis media. Fainting from pain, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.”

“I confirm with my ears… when I landed I thought I was going to die, that something would break in my head.”

“I’ve flown once with sick sinuses… I thought I’d go crazy from the pain when landing… I’ve never felt such pain as I did then.”

“My dad was flying with a stuffy nose and when we were freezing, we were going down very quickly and his eye hurt, he felt like his eye was about to explode.”