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Winter Style Tips for the Aspiring Gentleman

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Dressing for success doesn’t stop with your working life. Wearing the right clothes at the right time is a great way to appear sensible, steadfast, and gentlemanly – even in the coldest winter.....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Dressing well is a seasonal affair. What works in springtime won’t carry over into summer, just like what you wear in summer is not autumn friendly. As the year turns towards the colder months, it brings with It new opportunities to dress like the king that you are. Stand up straighter and get your pocket square ready for these top winter style tips.

Switching Seasons: Main Clothing Items for Winter

Since the weather is in opposition to how it has been all year, winter is a good time to spend a little on those good quality, highly fashionable, classically staple fashion items. Think about the difference in temperatures and about how your body reacts. Are you the kind of man who wears shorts in December? If so, you need to revise your thoughts on winter clothing.

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Here are some of the main clothing items a gentleman has in his winter wardrobe:

• A good camel or wool/fur jacket.
• A thick cardigan, preferably in black or charcoal.
• Several colored scarves.
• Chinos if you are warm blooded, rather than shorts.
• A high-quality set of jeans.
• Several thick shirts preferably padded and at least one chequered.
• Thick trousers which are not jeans, maybe in a neutral camel color.
• A smart blazer to be worn under your jacket.
• A waterproof jacket which fits appropriately.
• A thicker fabric suit than you wear in summer. Perhaps a wool suit.
• Leather boots or shoes in brown or black.
• Smart gloves which are preferably black but definitely leather.

If you have even half of this list, you can stay smart even in the snow.

Winter Style Tips for Gentlemen

If you are determined to look your best all year around, then these style tips for winter will help you stay suave.

Stand Taller in Winter

Never was there a better time of the year to wear height increasing boots than in autumn and winter. Cold season allows for the higher boot while the elevation accentuates one of your best features. A height increasing shoe will subtly increase your size by an inch or two. That could be all it takes to top the 6 feet mark and give you the winning edge round the conference table.

Invest in a Good Watch

A good watch can change your life. Not only does it look suave, but it also helps you with your timekeeping and attendance. A businessman needs a good watch to keep track of appointments.

Better yet, investing in a Smart Watch can even help you track your fitness level, your heart rate, and let you pay for things without your wallet.

Get Your Gloves On

There is one mistake that every good man is guilty of making when it comes to wintertime. Everyone puts their hands in their pockets to prevent the chill in their fingertips. It is time to stop that. A true gent doesn’t use his pockets that way. They are for carrying objects such as tissues, a pipe, or a timepiece. When their hands get cold, out come the stylish gloves – which, incidentally, you might keep in your pocket.

Putting your hands in your pockets is a closed body language. It symbolizes that you are either comfortable and unguarded or that you are lacking in confidence. Confident people show their thumbs. Hiding your hands away makes you look like less of a worthy opponent, so avoid it and stand straight.

Overcoat It

Nothing says “prepared for winter in style” quite like a massive overcoat. It is important that any outerwear be tailored and fit you well, but there is no reason why you cannot have a floor length coat. Stick to thick wool or a classic raincoat. Either way, a heavy jacket always looks better than a blazer or suit jacket in the rain.

Layer it up

Dressing well for winter includes dressing in layers to keep yourself warm. For the modern gentleman, this means layering shirts with suits, and outercoats with suit jackets. You might well choose a layer of long johns for under your clothing to keep your legs and body warm during particularly cold snaps. Otherwise, use your colors and match patterns to create an elegant effect.

Match your Colors.

Color matching is not a gift, and you can learn it with practice. An excellent way to layer up in winter while still matching colors is to keep different colored scarves. If you match your scarf to your shoes, pocket square, tie, or even your socks, you can always be sure of style success.

Another tip for color is to keep in mind that winter does not confine you to dark, dull colors. While black is an excellent suit color, try breaking it up. Even if a white shirt is as colorful as it gets for you, treat yourself to a colorful tie or a bright shirt for social occasions. Remember the chequered shirts too come wintertime.

Don’t Neglect Grooming

There are two further important tips which the modern gentleman should keep in mind about winter styling. The first is fit. You should always wear clothing that fits you well for a polished look. This might mean buying an ordinary suit and taking it to a tailor to get it fitted to your shape. You never regret being a good tailor.

Finally, don’t neglect your personal grooming. How you look, smell, and shave, all tells people how to treat you in your daily life. Stay cool, stay groomed, and you will always be winter-ready.

Stay Seasonably Stylish

If you can take even a handful of these tips on board, you will instantly smarten your appearance in the cold months. It’s not easy to maintain your gentlemanly composure when the wind chill factor drops to zero. Emphasizing thick fabrics, choosing gloves over putting your hands in your pockets, and adding a little height with a good leather boot are all easy ways to stay cozy, stay calm, and look good.

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