Which of these 4 categories of relationship type do you fall into?

The saying “different strokes for different folks” holds true when it comes to relationships. While relationships, marriages, and romantic couples are prevalent everywhere we look, it is important to recognise that not all unions are the same.....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

According to research led by Steven Ogolsky, relationships can be divided into four distinct categories. Couples around the world generally fall into one of these four groups:

1. The ‘Endless Drama’ Couple

This type of couple experiences a relationship heavily influenced by external factors rather than their significant other. Their relationship is full of drama, with one issue arising just as another is resolved. The emphasis on individuality is unhealthy for the relationship’s growth, as they often make spur-of-the-moment decisions based on external issues, spending too much time apart without consulting each other or doing things together as a couple. Ogolsky notes, “These couples have a lot of ups and downs, and their commitment swings wildly.” This type of relationship has double the chances of ending compared to others.

2. The ‘Social Butterflies’

In this type of relationship, the couple shares the same social circles, knows the same set of people, and finds joy in similar activities. They share common interests and have few friends who are not mutual. “Having mutual friends makes people in these couples feel closer and more committed,” says Ogolsky. This category is promising for long-term success because shared interests and mutual friends can help keep the couple together.

3. The ‘Always Fighting’ Couple

This couple is easy to spot and very common—they are the on-again, off-again type. One day, they are posting sweet moments on social media, and the next, they are embroiled in a terrible fight. Despite frequent conflicts, passion always brings them back together. Everyone wonders why they stay together when they seem to dislike each other, but the truth is that “conflict pushes them apart… passion drives them right back into each other’s arms.” There is always something that pulls them back together, only for the cycle to repeat.

4. The ‘Eyes for Each Other’ Couple

In this relationship, partners love spending time together, do almost everything together, and seem to have an unbreakable bond that grows stronger over time. External influences do not affect how they see each other or how they relate. This couple only has eyes for each other, and it shows. According to the research, this type of relationship enjoys the highest level of satisfaction.

Fortunately, even if your relationship falls into one category, there is hope. Every couple should strive to achieve the bond described in the ‘eyes for each other’ category for greater satisfaction and longevity.