Victor Boniface gifts elderly Carpenter N1.5 million

Nigerian footballer Victor Boniface donates N1.5 million to struggling elderly carpenter.
Video of the carpenter’s plight shared on social media, sparking widespread concern.
Victor Boniface reaches out to the individual who shared the video, offering financial assistance.
Boniface contributes N2 million, with N1.5 million allocated to the carpenter and N500,000 to the Good Samaritan.....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

An elderly carpenter struggling with his job has received a whopping sum of N1.5 million from Nigerian footballer Victor Boniface.

The carpenter, whose touching story was shared online, has been gifted a significant sum of money.

The story began when a Good Samaritan posted a video of the elderly man, highlighting the difficulties he faced in his daily carpentry work.

The video quickly gained traction on social media, drawing widespread attention and concern from netizens who were eager to help.

Among those moved by the video was Victor Boniface, a popular Nigerian footballer. Victor Boniface took action by contacting the individual who initially posted the video, expressing his desire to assist both the carpenter and the Good Samaritan.

True to his word, Boniface sent a total of N2 million, designating N1.5 million for the elderly carpenter and N500,000 for the young man who brought the story to light