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Top 10: Brazil’s Most Talented Youngsters

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Brazil is brewing a remarkable new generation of football talent. After closely monitoring the top names over recent months, here’s a look at the ten most promising young players currently shining in Brazil.....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

1. Endrick (Palmeiras/Real Madrid, 17, CF)

Endrick is widely regarded as one of Brazil’s brightest football prospects, drawing comparisons with legends like Ronaldo, Pelé, and Romário.

The 17-year-old left-footed forward will join Real Madrid in July 2024, showcasing a physical and mental maturity beyond his years.

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Recently called up for Brazil’s 2024 Copa América squad, Endrick is poised for greatness at the highest level.

2. Estêvão Willian (Palmeiras, 17, RW)

Known as “Messinho” due to his playing style reminiscent of Lionel Messi, Estêvão Willian is a sensational dribbler with extraordinary pace.

Despite his young age, he demonstrates a mature understanding of the game and excels in decisive moments. His ability to navigate past defenders with ease makes him one of Brazil’s top talents.

3. Gabriel Moscardo (Corinthians/PSG, 18, CDM)

Gabriel Moscardo, already signed to Paris Saint-Germain, is touted as the world’s best young defensive midfielder.

His exceptional ball-carrying, passing, and defensive skills make him a standout talent. Moscardo’s elite mental profile and versatility in midfield position him as a future star in European football.

4. Breno Bidon (Corinthians, 19, CM)

Breno Bidon, a silky smooth central midfielder, has been compared to Pedri for his high football IQ and deceptive body movement.

Having impressed in the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Jr., where he was named the best player, Bidon is a creative force in midfield with immense potential.

5. Wesley Gassova (Corinthians, 19, CF/LW)

Wesley Gassova, a physical powerhouse, combines strength and skill to play through tight spaces.

Originally a winger, his transition to centre-forward is expected to unlock his full potential. With a build reminiscent of a bulkier Kylian Mbappe, Gassova is poised to become one of the world’s top strikers.

6. Matheus Nascimento (Botafogo, 20, CF)

Matheus Nascimento, despite being plagued by injuries, remains a top talent. With a lanky, Cavani-like build, he is a complete striker known for his close control and body manipulation.

Having played for Brazil at various youth levels, Nascimento’s potential will likely lead to a European move soon.

7. Robert Renan (Internacional, 20, LCB)

Robert Renan, currently on loan at Internacional from Zenit Saint Petersburg, is a standout left-sided centre-back.

His exceptional technical skills and athleticism make him one of the best ball-playing young defenders in the world. Renan’s versatility and composure on the ball set him apart as a future star.

8. Luis Guilherme (Palmeiras, 18, RW)

Luis Guilherme, known for his blistering pace and technical prowess, is a significant threat in transition.

With a top speed of 36.4km/h, he is one of the fastest players on this list and is expected to secure a move to Europe shortly.

9. Agner (Fluminense, 19, CM)

Agner is a creative midfielder with exceptional passing ability and football intelligence.

Compared to the modern Ganso, his instinctive play and high IQ make him a joy to watch. As he transitions to professional football, Agner’s progress will be closely followed.

10. Arthur Wenderroscky (Fluminense, 19, CM)

Arthur, a Coutinho-esque attacking midfielder, possesses an extraordinary technical level and passing range.

His smooth play in tight spaces and excellent ball-carrying ability mark him as a player with immense potential. While still raw, Arthur’s talent makes him a promising prospect for the future.

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