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‘Starfish breathing’: Try this mindfulness exercise to calm down your nerves

Nothing beats the joy of finding a few moments of solace to calm down your nerves and senses after a chaotic day. But on days you feel the need for something extra, a simple breathing technique can prove to be of immense help. Demonstrating for us was actor and mindfulness meditation coach Shruti Seth who took to her Instagram to share the technique of starfish breathing.....CONTINUE READING

“It is a simple mindfulness meditation technique. It is a great way to just center yourself and calm your nerves whenever you feel overwhelmed. More importantly, it is a great technique to teach your children how to become mindful and how to do very simple breathing exercises,” Seth said in the video.

Saurabh Bothra, CEO and certified yoga instructor, Habuild detailed the steps as he informed us that starfish breathing involves deep breathing and physical movement, mimicking the shape of a starfish by “using your hands”.
How to do it?

*Select one hand to be your starfish. Extend this hand, palm out, with your fingers spread wide, resembling the graceful shape of a starfish.

*With the pointer finger of your other hand, delicately trace the outline of the starfish as you breathe. Begin with your thumb, tracing upward gently as you inhale. Ensure your movements align seamlessly with your breath, creating a rhythm.

starfish breathing involves deep breathing and physical movement, mimicking the shape of a starfish

*As you exhale, trace downward along the inside of your thumb, maintaining a slow and steady pace. Feel the synchronicity between your breath and the movement of your finger.

*Continue this until you finish tracing all five fingers, which equals five breaths. You can also continue doing this with the other hand!
How do you reap optimum benefits?

One way to fully reap the benefits of this practice is to experience the “subtle sensations of movement within your body”. “This brings us back to the present moment, which is why it turns out to be extremely healing,” said Bothra.
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Consider this as a family exercise together, and in no time, it will become a habit. “You can find a moment before going to work or before going to sleep. No matter the time or place, the benefits are extremely soothing,” said Bothra.

So, what are you waiting for? Go gather your family, strike your starfish poses, and let the relaxation ripple through the room.

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