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Sleeping with your fan on could be damaging your health – and raising your energy bill

As the UK readies itself to face another heatwave this weekend – with some areas seeing temperatures hotter than Tenerife – it’s no wonder electric fan usage will be on the rise.....CONTINUE READING

A common household staple, many of us rely on fans to keep cool inside homes without air conditioning but not everyone may benefit from using the popular devices, according to experts.

Although it is tempting to leave a fan running overnight – and most of us will be thankful for the relief – there are several worrying side effects that ought to be considered. In particular, people with certain medical conditions may want to think twice before opting for the quick fix.

As the Sleeping Advisor explained, the moving air causes flurries of dust and pollen which is be bad news for anyone with allergies, asthma and hayfever. If you wear contact lenses, you may also find your fan causes dry eyes.

It’s worth remembering the drying effect fans can have on your skin too. So, if you’re keen to keep using one it is best to have moisturiser at the ready.

Alternatively, you might want to try cooling your home in another way. For instance, you can hang a wet sheet in front of an open window – a bizarre but oft-suggested method.

Using a fan might be not the right choice for everyone (stock photo)

You can also prepare ahead of time by keeping windows closed during the day to enjoy a cooler bedroom in the evening. Or if it’s time to invest in new bedding, opt for breathable materials like linen or cotton to give yourself the best chance of a good night’s sleep.

By switching off your fan, you can might save a few pennies. Uswitch energy expert Ben Gallizzi told the Sun:

“Running a 70W fan for 12 hours overnight will cost you almost 28p at current electricity prices, falling to just over 25p when the price cap drops on July 1.”

Ben added that there are steps you can take to help with costs if you want to use a fan. “Try placing a bowl of ice cubes in front of your fan to send a cooling breeze around your room, and make sure to keep your device free of dust to make sure it runs as efficiently as possible,” he advised.

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