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One effective method for getting rid of rats and bedbugs is by using a combination of salt and onions.

Onions can be used as a home remedy to repel rats by slicing and placing them outside rodents’ holes or entryways. It’s important to monitor the onions closely, as they will begin to rot within two days and must be replaced with fresh ones. Rotten onions should be disposed of properly as they can be harmful to children and pets if ingested.....CONTINUE READING

With garlic, you can simply place garlic cloves at the entry points of rodents or make a mixture of garlic in water.

As reported, salt has the ability to remove moisture from tissues by extracting water and other fluids from them, making it an effective solution for eliminating pests such as slugs and snails in your garden.

If a creature comes into contact with salt, whether it’s sprayed on them or they walk on a surface covered in salt, they will absorb it through their skin. This leads to dehydration and eventually, death as all fluids are drained from the creature’s body.

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