Nigerian man shows off the pepper and tomatoes he bought for N700 naira

Netizens have been forced to complain about the high cost of living after a man shared an image of the tomatoes and peppers he bought for seven hundred naira.....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

The images that were shared on the microblogging platform X captured small quantities of bell peppers and tomatoes in a bowl.

The majority was shocked after he revealed that he bought the items for seven hundred naira.

While they questioned the location where he purchased the peppers and tomatoes from, others wondered if he was telling the truth.

However, the user insisted that he got the items from a trader in the early hours of the morning.

Below are some of the reactions;

@Brightbhoy: Lol they have cheated your friend, he doesn’t know how to price market, this thing no supposed pass 200 naira

@Ikopima09: It’s getting out of hand Something that Yoruba men will give you for free

@Lion_Heart_OT: It’s plenty sef. The 2k own I bought couldn’t fill up the cup of my small blender. Pepper and tomatoes na no go area now

@queen_cariel: 2k worth of pepper and tomatoes na concoction rice e go cook

@d_flowergirlj: Those of you that still cook with fresh tomatoes and pepper you guys are rich kids