Man Who Visited Girlfriend Hears Her Father’s Voice While Sleeping With Her, His Reaction Trends

A Nigerian man has shared his experience after his girlfriend invited him to her family’s house for a bedroom session
According to her, the girl lied to him that her father was not around meanwhile he was actually home at the time
Social media users who read his tweet on the X app stormed the comments section to share their thoughts....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

A Nigerian man has sparked laughter on social media after sharing his scary bedroom experience.

He shared the story via the X app and it quickly went viral, garnering massive comments from netizens.

Man hears girlfriend’s father’s voice while sleeping with her
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Man says girlfriend’s father interrupted bedroom session

The young man identified as Mrbiggyjoe said he had visited his girlfriend’s house after she lied to him that he was not home.

While they were ‘doing things’ on the bed, he heard her father’s voice calling out his daughter and sending her on an errand.

The girl quickly went out to perform the errand and when she returned, she asked that they continue but the scared man could not.

He narrated:

“She invited me that she’s alone at home meanwhile her father just returned from night duty and he was sleeping. Omo we started doing things until i here “who’s there? Please come and get me my phone from the sitting room”.

“Omo I don’t even know how I’m feeling then She went and get her father his phone and come back that we should continue. Continue wetin e be like dem don exchange your brain for citric acid. I had to wait for the man to go to sleep before leaving. Na so my uncle Thomas fall oo the werey no gree rise again for the next one week.”

Reactions as man recounts scary experience

Nigerians stormed the comments section to react to the post.

Monye reacted:

“This story never finish guy, how you take escape comot for the house?”

Theonlydami said:

“Reminds me of one time I was having secx with one of my ex in her room while her mum and her friend (a church member) were talking about youths in their church having pre marital sexx in the sitting room. I just do like sat I no hear.”

Ibe wrote:

“Had a similar experience. Ladies are very terrible when konji catch them. She invited me into her mama bedroom cos mama no dey around that night. Her bro nearly catch us for midnight when she dey moan aloud. Brother came looking through the door holes. I wan die.”