Little Girl Hugs Father in COFFIN, What Happens Next Shocked EVERYONE

How far do you think a father’s love for his daughter can go? The bond that unites parents and children is considered by many to be the most powerful that exists, so much so that some say that the love that unites them is capable of transcending death, allowing them to continue communicating without the need of seeing or hearing each other.....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

How much truth is there to this statement, and how much fantasy? The truth is that there are events that escape any logical explanation that the human being knows. Beyond the credibility we give them and the faith we process, facts can only be understood from love, capable of changing our way of understanding the world and that of others.

Cristiano Ferrero was a beloved fruit vendor from one of the smallest and humblest neighborhoods in Albuera, Portugal. Ferrero was a humble person whose only goal in life was always to survive and help his family get ahead.

A really complicated feat to accomplish considering that he was born and grew up in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the whole country, with a dangerously high rate of poverty and crime at that. His life was not easy.