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How to tell a man’s penis size from his face and fingers

Remember the whole “foot size equals penis size” myth? Well, science has provided a way to know a man’s penis size from observation. Different researchers underwent different studies to discover what factors can indicate a man’s penis size without actually measuring it.....CONTINUE READING

Here’s what they discovered.

How to tell a man’s penis size by observation

1. The index finger

Your index finger length (the finger beside your thumb) may hold a surprising clue about your penis size. According to findings published in the Asian Journal of Andrology, people with a shorter index finger compared to their ring finger may have a larger penis.

This phenomenon, known as the second-to-fourth digit ratio or the 2D-4D ratio, has gained attention in recent years.

Karan Raj, a surgeon with the UK’s National Health Service and a prominent medical TikToker, explains the concept in a recent video. He highlights the “second to fourth digit ratio” (2D:4D ratio), calculated by dividing your index finger length by your ring finger length.”

According to the study, a smaller index finger (lower 2D:4D ratio) might indicate higher prenatal testosterone exposure, which could influence both penis size and finger development.

How to tell a man’s penis size from his face and body [Healthline]

2. Nose

Another study found a couple of factors that can affect penis size. The research was carried out on a couple of men in Japan, and they found out that facial features associated with masculinity, such as baldness and a large nose, correlate with testosterone levels. However, the most prominent feature that indicates a bigger penis was the nose.

According to the Journal of Basic and Clinical Andrology, the nose and penis size are related.

Researchers studied the bodies of 126 middle-aged men, where they noted the height, weight measurement, weight of testicles, the length of the penis in a flaccid state, and also the circumference of the penis to measure the distance between the centre of the eyes of each subject and the beginning of the nose.

Those who had smaller noses, smaller than 1.8 inches, had a penis length stretch of 4.1 inches. For those who had 2.2-inch-long noses or a little bit longer than that, their penis was measured at 5.3 inches.

Does penis size matter?

The research showed that nose size is related to stretched penis length and not necessarily age, height, shoe size, or body weight, as was previously believed.

However, it has been discovered that the size of the penis doesn’t matter; it is the thickness that gives you pleasure. It is the thickness of the penis that gives the feeling of fullness that is produced inside the vagina wall.

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