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Here’s How To Use Salt And Detergent To Kill Rats In Your House

Rats, those unwelcome intruders in homes, often bring along a host of issues such as concentrated droppings, visible tracks, and unsettling noises. Many individuals in exposed areas seek ways to eliminate these pests, but despite significant investments, their efforts often fall short. In this article, I’ll outline a straightforward and effective method to permanently get rid of rats from your home.....CONTINUE READING

To start, prioritize your safety by wearing disposable gloves. Create a mixture in a container by combining appropriate amounts of flour, sugar, water, salt, and any detergent. While protecting your hands, blend the flour and sugar to form a sticky adhesive, enhancing it with a small quantity of water.

Next, introduce two to three teaspoons of detergent into the thick adhesive mixture, ensuring thorough incorporation. This step is crucial for the success of our method.

Finally, place the trap mixture on plates along the paths frequented by rats and patiently await the successful execution of our solution.

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