Groom refuses to drink palm wine from bride during traditional marriage

A video of a young Nigerian groom has gone viral on social media. During his traditional wedding, he surprised everyone by pouring out the palm wine instead of drinking it.....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Instead, he put money in the empty cup and handed it back to his bride.

This unexpected move has caused a lot of speculation online, with some suggesting he was afraid of being poisoned. said: “That’s how they do it to avoid cases of Po!isoning. As a Bride that knows the people she’s surrounded with please tell your groom not to drink from it but pour it away. I’ve lost an Uncle through this.”

mcmakopolo1 opined: “Na only the bride know her people ooo and some of these traditional marriages the bride doesn’t live in the village they only go to for the rights … so to avoid matters that touch the kidney … make ground chop too.”

nene_george quizzed: “I’m still trying to understand why he did that. Is it that he doesn’t trust his wife’s family 😂😂.”

enechelsea clarified: “They don’t used to drink it again nau. They just collect and pour away. Cause the world is very wicked. You don’t know who handled the drink before the bride so it’s better safe than sorry.”