Dominik Mysterio Responds to Criticism After Liv Morgan Kiss on WWE RAW

WWE RAW witnessed a shocking moment when Liv Morgan kissed Dominik Mysterio following her match. Dominik Mysterio, who assisted Liv Morgan in winning the title at WWE King & Queen of the Ring against Becky Lynch, once again cost Lynch her rematch on RAW.....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Prior to WWE King & Queen of the Ring, Dominik Mysterio confronted Liv Morgan, expressing his intention to ensure she didn’t win the title. However, despite this, Mysterio ended up helping Morgan win the title and also helping her retain it on WWE RAW. As a result, fans are now criticizing Dominik Mysterio for consistently supporting Liv Morgan and betraying his partner, Rhea Ripley.

Following the backlash from fans, Dominik Mysterio decided to respond. He shared a post on his Instagram stories from boxer Ryan Garcia. In the post Garcia mentions that people hate him because he’s pretty. It seems that Mysterio is conveying a similar message to the WWE Universe.

While Dominik Mysterio’s message to the fans is clear, recent events have added an intriguing layer to his story. Mysterio was spotted backstage with Liv Morgan a few weeks ago on WWE RAW.

Fans observed them leaving a room together, sparking curiosity among them. Adding to the intrigue, Morgan was seen wearing a bandana that had a striking resemblance to one worn by Mysterio.
Dominik Mysterio changes his social media handle after the Liv Morgan kiss.

Fans were shocked when Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio kissed on WWE RAW. After the kiss, Mysterio sent a message by posting a picture of Kermit the Frog with the caption ‘well f**k.’ Now, Mysterio has taken the initiative to change his social media handles. He has replaced his profile picture with an image of Kermit the Frog on all his social media platforms.
The actions of Mysterio and Morgan have become a topic of keen discussion. The upcoming weeks may shed more light on their actions.