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Chelsea stunned as Pedro Lima poached from under their nose

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Just when we thought that the transfer window was going to get a little sleepy for a while, and just hours after we concluded that one deal was already wrapped up, things have suddenly got spicy.

From nowhere, David Ornstein was among the sources reporting that Pedro Lima would not be coming to Strasbourg, with an eye on one day joining their sister club, Chelsea.

Instead, Wolves have swooped from nowhere (we hadn’t heard a single whisper about their interest at all), and sealed a deal:

“Sport Club do Recife announces that it has signed a binding agreement to transfer the economic and federative rights of athlete Pedro Lima to Wolverhampton Wanderers, from England,” a statement from Lima’s club, released just now, said.

No fee has been mentioned yet, but it’s likely to be pretty small compared to some of the figures thrown around this summer. Goal predicted he could be as cheap as £6m.

A direct path to the first team

From Lima’s point of view, we can see just why he would make such a move. Going to Strasbourg and then just hoping that one day Chelsea decide you’re good enough to join the first team (and competing with Reece James and Malo Gusto to do so) is perhaps not as tempting as an offer Wolves can make – come and play right away in the Premier League, with a much better chance of making a first team impact soon.

Still, for BlueCo and Chelsea it’s a blow to their summer plans, and a bit of egg on their face considering this deal had basically been thought of as done.

It’s not something which affects Chelsea’s team for next season, but it’s a frustration for the organisation nonetheless. You can be sure Blues fans will be very curiously watching to see how he gets on in the Premier League.

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