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‘Cheapest’ way to ‘kill’ weeds naturally without vinegar or salt – ‘see results instantly’

Households that had their paving professionally installed by a reputable landscaper, then weeds shouldn’t pose too much of a threat.....CONTINUE READING

However, even paving that has been expertly installed isn’t completely immune to these garden pests.

It is still possible for dirt and seeds to slip in between the tiny cracks and trigger weed growth.

When this happens, gardeners will want to act fast to prevent the situation from getting out of control and ruining their, otherwise stunning, outdoor space.

Unsure of how this should be done, one gardener took to the Loving Your Garden Facebook page to ask for some tips.

Jackie Griffin wrote: “What’s the best weed killer am overrun with them and am cracking up now with them?”(sic)

A few group members suggested Jackie dig them up manually, however, the gardening enthusiast explained that this is not possible with her disability.

Instead, a popular suggestion seemed to be to use boiling water to get rid of the weeds. Tessa Sullivan said: “I use boiling water. I was sceptical at first but tested it out and it works, so amazing.”

Doug Stewart claimed that it “depends where the weeds are” but suggested that if they are on hard surfaces like patios, then “boiling water works the best”.

Sue Miller said: “Boiling hot water kills them dead and you can start seeing the results instantly.”

Angela Gibson wrote: “Boiling water is as good as any, it’s the cheapest option and uses no dangerous chemicals.”

Tracy Higgins commented: “Boiling water workers wonders and unlike salt, vinegar and bleach, it doesn’t permanently hurt your plants or the environment.”

For this method, simply pour the water into the various cracks across the driveway or patio. Households may need to do this several times for it to fully die, but the plant should turn brown quickly.

Baking soda is also another great way to kill weeds without using harsh chemicals.

This is because it draws moisture out of the weeds, drying out the plant and causing it to die.

Sprinkle the soda across the patio and driveway, before brushing over with a broom to ensure it gets into all the cracks.

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