BREAKING: Pochettino will consider quitting Chelsea if not given greater say in transfers

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino has been tipped to stand down from his role as head coach at the club this week ahead of key meetings. As you will be well aware of by now, meetings are taking place this week and Pochettino is due to sit down and have a review with the owners and board of the club.....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

There will be many things discussed, and all the talk is about Chelsea potentially sacking Pochettino after this review, or during it. However, Pochettino could apparently QUIT Chelsea himself and take that decision away.

According to talkSPORT today, Pochettino will consider quitting Chelsea if he is not given a greater say in the club’s transfer policy.

Pochettino was reportedly frustrated at his lack of input in recruitment during the last two transfer windows.

He also wants to keep Conor Gallagher, but Chelsea’s decision makers are open to offers for the England midfielder to help balance PSR restrictions, per the same report.

Pochettino has often seemed a little frustrated during press conferences and when asked about recruitment, and he has mentioned experience before as something that is missing. It’s pretty clear what he wants.

Should Pochettino get more power?

Personally I think if you are a head coach of a team and you feel you need a certain profile or a player to make your setup work or to replace a certain profile that you already had in your team, then you have every right to ask for it. I also think that if the club you work for are planning to sell key players who you have pretty much picked in your team at every opportunity this season, then you also have a right to say something and contest that.

After all, they are backing you as the coach, so they should do more to back you with what you need.

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