BREAKING: One insane moment proves what Conor Gallagher brings to Chelsea

Winning today was important for Chelsea. By picking up 3 points we’ve made sure we’re playing in Europe, and also given ourselves a chance of playing in the Europa League rather than the Conference League if Manchester City beat Manchester United in the FA Cup final.....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

But Bournemouth put up a good fight, and they came so close to equalising late in the second half. Chelsea had one man to thank for saving their bacon – Conor Gallagher.

The midfielder took a corner for the Blues at one end, and when it was cleared the whole team were caught.

He could so easily have slacked off, and nobody would have blamed him. But instead, despite the weight of 4000+ minutes played this season, he gave everything to dash back and make the sliding block which prevented an equaliser. He physically couldn’t have been further from his own goal to start with, yet he beat every other player back to make the intervention.

The stadium went totally crazy for him, as you’d expect. They love him, because of moments like this. Being a quality player is one thing, but showing every minute of every game you play how much it means to you is something supporters will always respond to.

A moment that sums up Gallagher perfectly

Gallagher was one of the few Chelsea players playing well when we were terrible this season and last, and he has also been a key part of our recent revival. Players like that, who perform regardless of those around them, are what you want to build your team around. Selling them – especially when they’re home grown – is complete madness.

This moment today summed up his whole game and his whole character and what he brings to this team. If it proves to be his last contribution in Blue it would be completely fitting – although equally tragic.

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