BREAKING: Mauricio Pochettino makes embarrassing admission about his future

Mauricio Pochettino has just taken his final post-match press conference of the season, meaning a last chance for the media to ask him whether was going to be manager next season, and a last chance for him to say he didn’t know.....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

To make things worse, he’s not even clear on when he will find that out. Although he revealed he had had dinner with Todd Boehly on Friday night, and it’s hard to imagine them doing that without discussing Pochettino’s future – imagine how awkward that would be?

“I don’t know if [the meeting about his future] is going to happen. On Friday night, Todd invited me for a dinner and it was a nice dinner together. I don’t know about the rumours. My staff tomorrow are flying for holidays. I will stay in London for a few days. My phone will be on,” the coach responded to questions about this future.

“You need to not ask me [if I will be here]. That is a question for the owners and sporting directors.”

A mystery that really shouldn’t still exist

Poor Pochettino has really been hung out to dry here. We can see why it makes sense to have the meeting at the end of the season, but it wouldn’t have be

The fact that he doesn’t even seem to know when or if the meeting is taking place is just rubbing salt in the wound. The very least you could hope for when you have an end of season decision like this is some clarity on exactly when it’s going to happen.

Still, despite this apparently quite shabby treatment, Pochettino seems content to stay, and despite some dodgy moments through the season and some pretty intense feeling in some areas of the fanbase, most Blues are happy with that.

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