BREAKING: Chelsea will go for young coach if they sack Pochettino

Transfer expert Fabrizio Romano has offered some big updates on the future of Mauricio Pochettino at Chelsea and what the latest thinking is at the club. Many people believe it is simply mad to even be talking about this and Pochettino leaving the club after managing to finish 6th and qualify for Europe in the end.....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

But it seems there are more than meets the eye in this story, and it looks like Pochettino is a bit unhappy with everything too and wants more of a say with transfers at the club.

Romano says that the idea is to try and stay with Pochettino. However, it’s not as simple as that.

What has Romano said?

As you will see from his YouTube video above, Romano says: “Mauricio Pochettino is waiting to have direct contact with Chelsea. It’s not an easy situation because there are multiple directors. This is to make sure both parties are happy, and Pochettino wants to continue.

“The current idea is to have a discussion with Mauricio Pochettino and understand if they can continue together. This is still the priority to continue with Pochettino, but if they can’t keep an eye on young coaches.

“If Chelsea and Pochettino parts ways they will go for a young coach!”

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