BREAKING: Chelsea player’s world class credentials proved by important attacking stat

Cole Palmer had a quiet game today in Chelsea’s win over Bournemouth. He looked truly shattered, as well he might after a gruelling season. But today he didn’t need a goal or an assist to finish the season as the Premier League’s top player for goals and assists combined.....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

You can see the full list in the Tweet embedded here:

You don’t have to look at that for long to see how impressive it is. That is basically a list of the best attacking players in the Premier League, with 4 or 5 World Class players in there, and Palmer has beaten them all.

To make it all the more impressive, he did it playing in a desperately average team at times too, in his first season as a Premier League regular. It’s genuinely one of the most impressive achievements we can remember from a Chelsea player.

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