BREAKING: All Mauricio Pochettino wants is to have a say in Chelsea transfers

One journalist has said that there are ‘interesting days ahead’ for Mauricio Pochettino and Chelsea, and then details ‘all Pochettino wants’ going into key meeting with the club owners this week.....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

As has been widely reported, Pochettino will sit down with the Chelsea board to discuss his future and whether they are moving forward together or not this week in a two-way review that was always pre-planned from the start of his reign.

There is so much being reported and briefed out there right now, and it’s become a bit of a mad week for the club and for Pochettino after the season ended on Sunday.

Chelsea and Pochettino managed to get European football, which when all things are considered and the fact that they were a mid-table team most of this season, was a very good end to the campaign.

But Pochettino could still leave Chelsea in the coming days, and this meeting will be crucial.

According to London World journalist Rahman Osman, as seen with his post on X below, Pochettino just wants more say on transfers at the club.

He writes: “All Pochettino wants is to have a say on transfers if he’s going to be the manager of Chelsea. Every top manager will want that and the last 10 games have shown he’s a very good manager. Interesting days ahead.”

Is it justified to ask for more power with transfers?

Absolutely, yes, I feel it is. You are the head coach at the end of the day, you are the one who has a vision for your team and you are the one who knows what you need to put that vision together and what might be missing.

Pochettino deserves to have more of a say, not a total say, but certainly more of a say with transfers, outgoings and arrivals.

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