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Blossoming Love: Incorporating Rosa Damascena Into Your Wedding Decor

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Commonly known as the Damask Rose or Rose of Castile, Rosa Damascena is a fragrant flower often used for its decorative nature. We all know a significant event such as your wedding won’t be complete without a flower selection. These roses will help you take stunningness a notch higher for that showstopper look and feel. Wondering how to romance with the Damask rose on your big day, consider these few ideas:....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Submerge the Petals as a Centerpiece

Floating petals reflect beauty and grace. When adding petals as our centerpiece, it’s important not to overdo it to avoid a clumpy mess. With Damask rose petals, less is more, and less is right on budget! To get the best look, lay the petals on water and watch your tables turn into unique spaces.

Decorate Your Wedding Landscape

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You’ll only walk down the aisle once (ideally), so why not make that walk something you’ll remember for the rest of your life? Imagine, Damask rose petals neatly arranged from the entrance to the aisle; everyone watching you as you start each step that leads you to the love of your life. The roses add to the drama, exude your beauty, and leave a beautiful aura behind.

Cover the Cake Table

Rosa Damascena adds beauty to your decor and your cake table is no exception. This is where you can splurge on these flowers. Covering the cake with flowers is a common tradition but with the Damask rose, you can take it over the top in the most brilliant ways. Have a mix of the petals and flower bouquets and match them to your overall wedding theme.

Hand Them to the Flower Girls

Having rose petals in your flower girl basket is often expected. As they walk beautifully down the aisle, they will leave a trail of flowers behind. Let the flower girl also play this part at the reception and you’ll have a cohesive and decorative theme. Even better is you’ll always know where the flowers lead and you’ll stay on track!

Have Them All Over You

The married couple should leave the wedding reception in style. Forget about the rice pour, freeze dry your Rosa Damascena petals and have the guest shower you with flowers. Freezing means the petals won’t run wet, dry, or even smudge on your beautiful wedding dress. It’s fun and hurts less than hard grains of rice washing all over your body. Ouch!

Add the Flowers to Your Seat

When organizing a seating arrangement, your decor experts can incorporate a small bunch of Rosa Damascena into your seats. Tie them with a ribbon and let them hang to the side, leaving all their beauty on display. These flowers create a stunning bottom line that will set your wedding decor apart.

Don’t Forget About Your Floral Pew

Just like your aisle, your floral pew also needs to make a statement. The Damask rose will thrive in your pew as it’s diverse, colorful, and amazing. You could also add vases to the flowers. Just ensure you communicate this to your florist beforehand, so they are prepared.

Use the Flowers as a Photo Backdrop

Floral, decorated mood gates make for the most wonderful backdrops. As your wedding photos will stay with you forever, they should be worth remembering. Rosa Damascena as your backdrop will give you the maximum photo effect. Place it at the entrance or behind a tabletop and you’re good to go. It creates the perfect background for photos with your guests.

Employ Them on Bridal Party Bouquets

Choosing Damask roses as your bridesmaids’ flower bouquet will create a classy look. For bridesmaids’ bouquets to stand out from yours, choose different color flowers, not unless you are comfortable having the same kind.

Have Them on the Ceremony Archway

A collection of Damask roses framing an archway will instantly transform your entrance. The flowers are unique and will appeal to all your guests. They say “outstanding” from the entrance on out and bring your decor together in exciting ways.

Tie Your Curtains

Forget about ribbons, floral ties are what you need! If you’re looking to pull back curtains to their poles, tie them with a bouquet of these flowers and you’ll create the right kind of attention. Play with your theme colors and the flowers will look incredible in the end.

The Bottom Line

Flowers are a must-have decor element in your wedding. Knowing the right kind to choose and using them creatively is the best way to go. Rosa Damascena is a flower species that is versatile and won’t disappoint!

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