8 ‘nice’ things people do that are actually very rude

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Do you know that some things you think are nice and sweet might rub people off in the wrong way?

Here are some not-so-nice things people do:

If you see someone who isn’t smiling, stop telling them to smile for you. You are asking them to smile so you will feel better, not because you care about what might be upsetting them, and the truth is, nothing might actually be wrong with them.

If you notice that someone is worried or down about something and they share this with you, don’t tell them ‘not to worry’, but rather empathise with them.

When someone asks you what you want, actually tell them what you want instead of saying it. “Whatever you want.” It’s not very considerate and leaves the decision-making up to them.

If you think someone has lost or gained weight and they might be happy about it, don’t make any comments about it unless they ask you; they might be insecure about it.

If someone declines food, drinks, or gifts, don’t insist. They might have their reasons why they don’t want it, so don’t make it a big deal.

If you see someone crying, don’t ask them, “Are you okay?” If someone is disturbed or distressed, it would be more beneficial to offer them a glass of water or ask if they would like to discuss it.

If you see someone eating alone or listening to music on headphones, don’t assume they need your company. Sometimes they need space, but what you can do is ask if they want to stop or if they mind; if not, leave them alone.

If someone is sharing a difficult experience they are going through, don’t say you have had it worse or attempt to share a ‘relatable experience’. It comes off as being insensitive and minimising their experience.

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