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5 Reasons to Have Your Children Join Boy Scouts

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As a parent, you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure your child develops and is happy growing up. The Boy Scouts is an excellent organization to affiliate your child with. You may want to consider signing your son up for the Boy Scouts:....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

1. Learn Respect and Manners

One reason to enroll your son in the Boy Scouts is that he will be in an environment that teaches and encourages respectful behavior. The Boy Scouts pride themselves on pledging honor, respect, courtesy, and a high moral compass. You can rest well assured that the organization will help to mold your son into a respectable young man. That and your excellent parenting skills will give him the well-rounded upbringing he deserves.

2. Be a Part of Something Special

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Another reason to enroll your son in the Boy Scouts is so that he can be a part of something important. All kids need to feel like they’re a part of something. This natural feeling leads some children to hang with the wrong crowds if they need direction.

By pointing your son toward an organization like the Boy Scouts, you are leading him to join a group that works to better humanity. This group is often involved in doing things for charity. Thus, you will learn how to serve the community quite well. The National Junior Honor Society (NHJS) is another group that operates similarly.

According to the National Junior Honor Society website, it has groups in all 50 of the United States and schools around the world, engaging and serving more than one million students.

3. Meet New Friends

Another positive thing about the Boy Scouts is its many members. Thus, your son will have the opportunity to spend time around other boys from all walks of life. He can form new friendships that might survive the Boy Scout experience. It’s a great option if your son has trouble connecting with people in school or during extra-curricular activities. You’ll be putting him right by people he can befriend, and the experience will help him develop sharper social skills.

4. Learn New Skills

The Boy Scouts organization teaches boys and young men new skills all the time. Thus, your son might learn fishing, hiking, and hunting skills. He may also learn to swim if he still needs to learn how to. Swimming is an excellent and helpful survival skill to learn.

According to the popular Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services, 66.7% percent of unintentional drownings happen in natural waters. Learning to swim and escape drowning is a skill your child should have. So it would be wise of you to enroll your child for that reason and all the other good reasons.

5. Earn Rewards and Recognition

Your son will also learn about the award and recognition system and effort if you put him in the Boy Scouts. He’ll have the opportunity to work hard and do honorable things. His superiors and his peers will recognize him for greatness, and he will win physical awards sometimes.

Awards make people feel appreciated and noticed, making some people strive hard to improve. Your son may greatly enjoy this part of being in the Boy Scouts. A lapel pin is a small pin worn on clothing to show affiliation with an organization or cause. A lapel pin is one thing your boy might get from the Boy Scouts. It’s an attachment that goes on the shirt, showing his affiliation with the Boy Scouts.

There are many types of lapel pints; he might get several of them during his time with the organization. You’ll be proud of his achievements, and he will feel a sense of great accomplishment during his time there. That sense of accomplishment will push him to do better in later years and adulthood.

Many more good reasons exist to enroll your son in the Boy Scouts. You can contact your community branch to learn more about their cause and what it means to be a group member. They’ll explain their mission statement and processes more thoroughly so that you can make an informed decision. Your son will thank you for it in the end.

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