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4 Paint Colours You Should Never Use In Your Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, these places can be considered as the most private parts of the home. There can be a lot of confusions in designing them, especially when it comes to selecting the right paint colour. Even though you can always re-paint your bedroom, it’s best to get it right the first time. Below are 4 paint colours you should never use in your bedroom.....CONTINUE READING

Bright Yellow

According to interior designer Emma Beryl, bright yellow colours are a bad choice for a list of reasons.“There aren’t many colors I would tell people not to use in their bedroom since everyone has a unique taste. However, one color that is known to have negative effects is bright yellow. This color is known to mess up sleep since it tricks the brain into thinking it is daytime or time to be awake. Bright yellow mimics the sun and people have found they find it harder and harder to sleep at night when in a bright yellow room.”

However if you love bright yellow, you should consider using it in a sunroom, bathroom or dining room.

“Paint is such a fun way to experiment with colors so using a bright bold color like a strong yellow in a bathroom makes the color feel purposeful and like an important design decision.”

Red and Orange

Bold, warm colors such as red and orange paint make any wall look outstanding, especially in a bedroom. But the truth of the matter is, these colours are the wrong choice for a room that’s supposed to be calming. “I prefer the bedrooms I design to be soothing, calm, and serene spaces rather than bold ones,”says interior designer Annie Delaporte.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use these colours in other rooms.


Many of us want our bedrooms to feel cave-like, black paint just doesn’t create the right impression.“I recommend skipping the all-black bedroom trend of the last few seasons. While the cavelike, modern vibe is certainly escapist, it doesn’t elicit the kind of well-being and stress relief my clients crave,”says Holland.

If you want black in your bedroom, paint the walls a shade of white and paint the moldings black for a deep contrast. Or paint a wood dresser and nightstand black instead. If you just can’t shake the idea of a dark wall, go with navy blue

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